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About Surface Analysis Charts

Surface analysis are produced manually every 6 hours and depict the locations of synoptic scale high and low pressure centers with associated surface fronts and troughs for the specific analysis time. Central pressure is depicted with 3 or 4 digits. Arrows point to the 24 hour forecast positions. The term "developing" gale or storm means gale or storm conditions are expected by 24 hours.

The pressure analysis has a 4 millibar (mb) contour interval. Forecast pressure values are written with 2 digits omitting the preceding 10 or 9. As an example a high pressure center with a central pressure of 1032 mb would be 32 and low pressure of 974 mb would be 74. For intense low pressure centers below 1000 mb, the analyst may use a dashed line to depict the 1000 mb isobar. By convention, isobars less than the 1000 mb dashed line are defined with an 8 mb contour interval.


Current North Atlantic Chart from The Ocean Prediction Centre
File last downloaded 27/10/2021 19:01

48 hour North Atlantic Chart from The Ocean Prediction Centre
File last downloaded 24/10/2021 12:46

96 hour North Atlantic Chart from The Ocean Prediction Centre
File last downloaded 25/10/2021 22:36