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Weather Information Pages

Anyone who takes to the sea should always know the latest weather forecast.
There are many free sources of weather information available on the internet, links to some of these sites can be found on our links page.

Our information is mostly taken from the servers of The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The weather pack option on the menu will print out the latest shipping forecast and synoptic charts available on the NOAA server.

The Synoptic Charts have a 4 millibar (mb) contour interval. Forecast pressure values are written with 2 digits omitting the preceding 10 or 9. As an example a high pressure center with a central pressure of 1032 mb would be 32 and low pressure of 974 mb would be 74. For intense low pressure centers below 1000 mb, the analyst may use a dashed line to depict the 1000 mb isobar. By convention, isobars less than the 1000 mb dashed line are defined with an 8 mb contour interval.